Disha De-addiction cum Rehabilitation Centre for Alcoholism and Drug addiction.
Disha De-addiction cum Rehabilitation Centre

Start Your Journey to Recovery

Disha De-addiction cum Rehabilitation Centre is an Alcohol and Drug De-addiction Centre in Hyderabad. We specialize in substance abuse & behavioral addiction. Our organization is a private non-profit organization which is promoted by experienced medical professionals. The idea to start this facility has it’s origins in the epiphanies and tribulations of recovering alcoholics. Our program is driven on proven, scientific and moral values.

The goal of rehabilitation is to enable individuals to eliminate the functional deficits, interpersonal barriers; environmental barriers created by the disability and restore the ability for independent living, socialization and effective life management. Keeping this in view we have started a Rehabilitation Centre Disha De-addiction cum Rehabilitation Centre to cater to the needy people.

Medication in combination with counseling, behavioral therapy, family counseling and awareness is part of the treatment. The psychiatrists, psychologists, doctors, nurses, social workers and counselors at Disha De-addiction cum Rehabilitation Centre have vast experience in treating addictions.

Alcoholism – A Disease
Around 20% of all people who drink develop Alcoholism.Any body can become an alcoholic, age, education, intelligence – nothing matters.An Alcoholic is one who continues to drink in spite of repeated problems in one more areas of his life. Alcoholism is a progressive disease and the situation goes from bad to worse if he continues to drink.Once Alcoholism sets in, it is not possible to drink in a controlled manner. No matter how had he tries he is unable to reduce the quantity and frequency of drinking.
Addiction Counseling
Addiction counseling can come in the form of intensely faith-based programs, often under the guidance of clergy, for instance. For drug and alcohol addictions, however, it can be particularly beneficial to seek addiction counseling from trained, licensed professionals who know the process of recovery inside and out. It is also beneficial to find a therapist who has experience treating recovering addicts of the same drug.

Disha De-addiction centre

Addiction can happen to anybody there is no specific sex, occupation, family background, education that has exception but when there is addiction it surely needs specialized therapy as in Disha De-addiction center for recovery.

Disha De-addiction centre

Alcohol and other substance abuse not only damage the body of the person abusing but has harmful impact much more than himself. His / Her own life can have adverse effects like disrupted marriage and family life, loss of job, unemployment and stigmatization.

Disha De-addiction centre

The therapy team consists of psychiatrist, psychologists, doctors, nurses, social worker, counselors and care givers having sea of experience in treating addiction. The facility is managed by qualified professionals.

Disha De-addiction centre

There are many people who consider use of alcohol for recreational or on social occasions as normal and acceptable, but little is their awareness that even this carries risk of road traffic injuries, socially inappropriate or embracing behavior.

Rebuild Relationship

Death is not the highest lose in life, the biggest lose is when relationships die among us when we are alive" So keep our relation alive".