Disha De-addiction cum Rehabilitation Centre for Alcoholism and Drug addiction.
Disha De-addiction cum Rehabilitation Centre

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The admissions are accepted for Residential care treatment on the basis of referrals and recommendations of the treating Psychiatrist with the consent of the family or caregiver.

Referral Information:-

Referrals for services at Disha De-addiction cum Rehabilitation Center can be made by family, friends and professionals, including physicians, therapists, and counselors, discharge planners and case managers, attorneys, hospitals, mental health centers, support groups and social service agencies, to name a few.

The referral process begins with an initial phone call to our facility. At that time, our staff will request certain clinical demographic and historical information. If at this stage, the potential client appears to be an appropriate candidate for our services, the staff will request the family or referring professional provide certain clinical records, including a recent history and physical, psychiatric evaluation, recent psychological testing, recent laboratory testing, detail of the medications being taken (frequency and dosage), and most recent nursing and daily notes (if the client is being treated at a hospital or the centre ) The treatment team at Disha De-addiction Center will review all of the information provided, and schedule and interview with the potential resident.

The admission decision process usually takes less than two days once all the information is received.

Call us at +91-7288068280 to make a referral or to speak to one of our clinical staff. Application for the admission should be made in a Prescribed form along with the Reference letter from the Psychiatrist, all previous treatment records, photo identity and address proof of the patient and the relative needs to be submitted.

A thorough Physical and Psychological Check up including a Psychological assessment of the patient is made at the time of admission.